Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! I am celebrating every woman who has birthed a child and those who WILL in time birth their children in its own beautiful time.
Every year in congregations, we celebrate this day, and I hear a lot of speeches that celebrate mothers and pray for all the ‘mothers to be,’ or ‘seekers of the fruit of the womb.’

In God’s Kingdom, however, there are no ‘mothers to be’ or ‘seekers of the ‘fruit of the womb’ (yeuch – don’t like that phrase sorry 🙂 ) this is because God finished the work of creation in The Beginning. He has ALREADY created every human being that will ever live!

So my dear mom out there, whether your child is on yet on earth or not. If God has called you a mother, you ARE a mother!
This faith that we have is the reason why God did not tell Sarai to call herself ‘Mother of all nations TO BE,’ He told her to change her name to reflect who she is – SARAH – Mother of all Nations!

In God’s Kingdom everything is timeless, so if you are a mother in God’s eternal Kingdom you are a mother on earth.

This is your reason to judge Him faithful by calling yourself who you are, calling those things which be not (but ‘are’ in God’s Kingdom) as though they are (on earth). Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

I pray Kairos moments today for every woman who needs to give birth, (either through their birth canal or another’s determined be God to be destined to them) to realize that TODAY, they CAN ‘birth’ those children by declaring the Truth of who they are.

Again Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! And that includes you, ma’am, because a mother is not who you WILL BE, a mother is who YOU ARE!

Please share with all the mothers you know… Thank you.

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