The ‘Me’ I’m Meant To Be…

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-11-48-53-pmWho would I have been if I had not been me?
How would I have grown? What choices would I have made?
Would I be looking at myself now wishing I were me,
Or would I be thankful I never was this…

Where would I be if I were not where I am?
Here, there and everywhere? Or quite simply nowhere at all.
Would I have climbed many mountains?
Met people great and small,
Or would others have come to me, at home right where I was?

When would I have met you I hadn’t met you yet?
As mundane as when grocery shopping on a Saturday morn,
Or as glamorous a Belle meeting her prince, at an evening ball?
Would I have loved you a bit at a time?
Or totally, fully, completely, as I now do.

How would I have known to choose which way to move or go?
Open wide the door or turn away, rejecting truth or dare?
I think that I will never know, what will or was to be,
And you know what? Standing right where I am,
That’s really quite alright by me.

I am me, incontestably me,
THAT will never ever change,
And whether I am this me, or that,
The Truth remains I’m the ‘me’ I’m meant to be,
I am and will always choose to be,
The ‘me’ I chose to be.

©AdePero Mettabel – The ‘Me’ I’m meant to be. 02.11.17.

I am me, incontestably me…

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