When I grow very old I want to die like my grandma did…

When I grow very old I want to die like my grandma did – At 102 years with dignity and grace!

My Tribute:fullsizerender

“Peroooooo, Perooooo, wa ba mi se’run mi… We ni dami nohun ni?

That was mama’s voice – the voice I occasionally will still hear in my head. One that always invokes a chuckle, as I remember how mama had to do some deft maneuvering to get me to cornrow her hair. The reason for my avoidant tactics had less to do with the actual task than the fact that it required special cornrowing abilities to get mama’s hair to stay where it was placed because mama’s hair was incredibly curly… Well what comes around goes around, as I recently realized a few years ago after going natural with my own hair, that I actually inherited her hair texture … Well needless to say mama always won the ‘catch me if you can contest’ hands down each and every time.

My earliest memories of mama date back to when as kids we would beg our parents to let us go with mama to the market on the pretext that we were going to ‘help’ her… we helped alright: We helped ourselves to her Buttermint, Tom-tom, Trebor and in the later years, Choco-milo candy. Mama however never minded she would obligingly open up packet after packet for us.

Growing up and moving away from home meant that in the latter part of her years on earth, I did not get to see her much, but I will always be grateful that over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to visit with her almost every year. The last time I saw was in April of this year. Mama was still very much herself and we still interacted with me being all the more amazed at her ever sharp wit.

Mama you will be remembered fondly. I told one of my friends when I heard the news, “When I grow very old I want to die just like my grandmother did – with dignity, with grace, and in good health.” Sun re o Ye Foluso!
Adieu mama! I will miss you. We all will miss you.


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