Every Day Is a Miracle


We sometimes get dissatisfied with life because we think that God is no longer performing miracles today and in these days… Friend, let me assure you that HE IS!!!! The problem is not that God is not performing miracles, it is that we curiously consider only the ‘spectacular’ to be miracles and we, therefore, miss the miracles happening all around us and also lose the opportunity to thank God for those miracles, but they are not spectacular?! Your child being born with ten fingers and ten toes is a miracle, Getting to work without being hit by a bus is miracle, your ability to read these words and understand them is a miracle, opening your eyes in the morning and being able to stand up is a miracle… See God laughing in amusement at us who can bring NOTHING to life arguing as to whether He performing miracles or not… EVERY DAY that we live and everything that we are able to experience is a miracle! The fact that we can perceive those things ARE the miracle. If those things are positive we have a chance to praise The Lord for another miracle, if they are not, they grant us opportunity to look to Him for another miracle!

Happy Thursday Y’all!!!!

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