Black And White.


piebald (ˈpaɪˌbɔːld) adj (Colors) marked or spotted in two different colors, esp black and white: a piebald horse. Piebalds we all are, whether we know it, want it, or not! We must learn to live with this truth.


From piano keys to zebras, checkerboards to Dalmatians, Rolling dice, puffins, and orcas to pandas, penguins and even skunks to boot. The harmony, clarity, and distinctive interconnection of the colors black and white can only make sense as each riddle of the crossword puzzle (also black and white) called life, is solved and revealed by the Maker of life itself. He made all things white and black, night and day to reflect His glory, His beauty, and His stunningly brilliant purpose. That all should dwell together, each distinct but never the more harmonious than the keys of a piano played in concert by The Maestro, or more glorious than bold zebras galloping synchronously and gracefully through charted (and uncharted) territories, dictated by the primal forces of nature… We must learn, morph, obey and adapt to display everything we are and to become everything we were meant to be, as we live in this world, black and white.


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