Let there be life!

IMG_0179 - Version 13

Words too heavy to utter
Burdens I just don’t want any longer to bear
Hurts buried, deep beyond expression
Thoughts that make the heart mutter and go hmmmm…
Valley of the shadow of death; Bright sunshiny day,
None seem to matter, as round and round and round I go

Such are the times, such the seasons,
When the voice is but a silent scream,
Unheard but by one;
Only He whom can my change bring.

Rise up, reach down, lift up my soul I pray
Unto solid ground from the miry clay
Bring home, Bring on, Bring back
The glory, which thought long gone
I know that I know is still alive…

Vote of my agony please rescind,
Dry my tears that I weep no more,
Let life spring forth from the watery grave
That soaked my grief, Lord let there be life!
The voice of freedom again, to ring and resound…


© AdePero Mettabel, 05.10.14

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