The world in which now we live…


Bright lights, sidewalks
Hustle, jostle, and bustle
Each one’s thoughts playing out the scenes
Ever changing, ever moving, ever morphing
Traversing, translating, to places
Where the steps of the mind have tread,

Over and over and over once again


Places flagged, faces tagged
Society’s niceties; Liked, loved,

Commented, pressed
No dislike button to depress
Long time no see
See no longer to wonder
Now all in the add button
Confirm and affirm if you please


Likenesses, ‘ricatures
Farmsville and zoos
Calendars, ‘fications
Oh and albums too
Reaching out, reaching for
All that which would otherwise
Could ne’er have been perceived
No never felt, never seen,
And never ever touched


So now we see, to see have we
A way the world in which we live
The old that’s known the old, now new
Times set apart, now for a time set close


To which, to where, to how, to when, to stop
To note the voice to hear,
To whom to feel, to see, to touch,
To understand, the flow to know
The world without, must stem from within

© AdePero Mettabel, August 2011

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