You’re Beautiful It’s True…

We sometimes spend so much time thinking, worrying, fretting, feeling sad or happy about what someone or certain ‘someones’ think or feel about us, that we become blinded to our own beautiful worth, and fail to appreciate the beauty of the of the One who from mere dust created the living, breathing amazingly complex wonder that makes up you, you, you and I…

As we appreciate the fact that Jesus is risen to live forever on a day much like the one we just celebrated, let us also remember that as we honor Him by loving Him, OURSELVES and our neighbor, WE who also after His likeness, He raised from dust, can begin to live our lives gloriously. Yes! Live life without shame and without fear, for there is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION, NONE my darlings, NONE… As He asks you “where are your accusers?” and then says to you “Neither do I condemn you, Go, and from now on sin no more.”

He is The Resurrection and the Life!!!

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