Once in a great while, you hear a song that encapsulates every thought in your heart, every secret prayer you have prayed, and reflects your deepest yearnings and highest hopes.
With words that acknowledge all that’s going on where you are, but does not leave you hanging there. A song that reveals the heart of the Father towards you in a poignant yet powerful and profound way. Such is the song ‘You are not forgotten’ by Israel Houghton.
I had heard this song before but on this particular day, flying to a destination that I don’t even remember) it was as if I’d just heard it for the first time. Up in thousands of miles in the airways, tears of encouragement, healing and hope for the future started streaming down my face as the words of this song imprinted themselves in my heart. My goodness! At that moment, I felt such unconditional love from my Heavenly Father and was so filled the assurance that I am loved; in a way I’d never before felt it. As the lyrics of this song flowed through my soul – A gentle lullaby from my Father’s lips it effected a transformation in my heart in a way I had never before experienced. Every part of my broken heart, every hurt, every painful memory, The Lord healed. The phrases oft repeated in this song reverberated within the walls of my being, creating a new me.
A ‘me’ emerged from that experience a new creation filled with love and fueled by grace. A me knows that the future is assured in Christ because I am not forgotten.
I have come a long way since that trip many years ago, and sometimes I am tempted to give up, I get weary… But every once in a while I will hear that refrain again – “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN” and it transports me right back into my Father’s arms… I am not forgotten, and neither my friend are you. God has His book of remembrance open and it its own, and perfect time He will bring EVERYTHING he has promised to pass.
You are not forgotten:
He knows your name
You are not forgotten:
He has plans for you
You are not forgotten:
You have a future and hope
Stand tall!
You are not forgotten
Stand strong!
You are not forgotten
You are not forgotten
You are not forgotten
He knows your name and has determined your days from before the foundation of the world. He fashioned you proudly and uniquely to be EXACTLY who you are… Don’t YOU forget that.
Don’t you ever forget that you are not forgotten.
Please take a minute to follow the link below. Listen to this song, listen and allow it be the lullaby that soothes you to rest in your Father’s arms.
You are not forgotten
People walking by
Very seldom they say hi
They don’t know how wonderful you are
If they only knew
All the things you’ve been through
If only they could see your heart
I hear you crying for help
Please don’t blame yourself
You are not forgotten (2x)
When it’s time to go to sleep
And try your best to keep yourself
Falling apart
Hmm… There’s no need to fear
Because I’m already here
And I’m the One who sees your heart
Yes I am
I hear you crying for help
Please don’t blame yourself
You are not forgotten (2x)
You are not just a face in the crowd
You are not forgotten, child
Let me whisper it loud, “I LOVE YOU.”
“Oh, I love you.”
You can hold your head up high
Cause I’ll make everything alright
I’m committed to you smiling again
And eventually you’ll see people’s similarities
Everyone just needs a friend, yeah
And when they’re crying for help
You’ll be able to tell them
Please tell them for me
You are not forgotten (9x)
You are precious to me
I’m the One; I’m the One
Who sees your heart
You are not forgotten
Just remember…you are not forgotten.
You are not forgotten.
Israel and Meleasa Houghton

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