You Are Powerful!

The conference – Entre Amigos/Among friends, was organized by my dear friend Pastor Julieta Piox. The theme was “You Are Powerful” – referring to the innate potential we have within us to achieve greatness on every level. It was a life changing experience for me! There was an incredible ministration by Dr. Verna Price based on her book The Power of People, which focuses on the four Kinds Of People Who Can Change Your Life.

The Power of People is a very clear and common sense approach to understanding your personal power by learning a simple way of understanding and sorting out people in your life. The book is designed to help people achieve personal and professional success. It is informative, inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking. If this is what you’ve been praying for, you may need to read her book!
And if you are a woman (or man) who has prayed for such a touch on their life, please visit her website and buy your own copy as I understand that it is sold out on amazon! You may also click on the link below to access an audio recording of the message.

God bless you and you have an inspired day!

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