I See Men As Trees, Walking.


I just love the Scriptures, and I thank Holy Spirit for every bit of Revelation that He chooses to impart for the edification of the body of Christ. My story starts on a day like any other. I was sitting at home not doing much of anything. Two words suddenly popped into my mind, I believe, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Those two words were ‘Second sight’. The Holy Spirit spoke those two words to my mind; again I heard the words ‘Second sight’. He then went on to give me a quote as follows: “you will need to have second sight to avoid being blinded by what you see”. These words were very intriguing to me, and immediately I went to my trusty Google and typed ‘Second sight’ into the search box. As you can well imagine, a number of options popped up. I was blessed to discover the many advances being made in the field of medicine with regards to restoration of sight. I got to know about John Bramblitt, an artist, who though blind paints amazing pictures from memory and also through touch, creating images to which any sighted Artist would be proud to sign their name. Please take the time to look him up. You will be amazed by what you see. (Pardon the pun ☺). Through this study, I discovered many wonderful facts but also realized that these were meant to segue me into a powerful truth that He was about to reveal to me.

I then began a scripture search on second sight that led me to Scriptures quoted below:

Mark 8:22-30
22 And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.
23 And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought.
24 And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.
25 After that he put his hands again upon his eyes, and made him look up: and he was restored, and saw every man clearly.
26 And he sent him away to his house, saying, Neither go into the town, nor tell it to any in the town.
27 And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am?
28 And they answered, John the Baptist; but some say, Elias; and others, One of the prophets.
29 And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Peter answereth and saith unto him, Thou art the Christ.
30 And he charged them that they should tell no man of him.

The above is the account of the restoration of sight to the blind man from the city of Bethsaida. The Pharisees brought a blind man to Jesus for the restoration of sight. Jesus then took him by the hand led him out of the town and then spat on his eyes and after putting his hands on him asked him if he could see. The man and said that he could see ‘men as trees walking’. Jesus again puts his hands on his eyes and made him look up after which he saw men as the Bible says, clearly.

There have been many teachings by some, with regards to this miracle suggesting that the process of healing was not completed the first time Jesus spat on the man’s eyes because he did not see things clearly. That He had to lay hands on him again to have his sight fully restored. And by others claiming that healing may be a multi-step process, as a way of encouraging those who did not immediately experience an instantaneous manifestation of healing. I accepted these teachings without question for many years but on this particular day The Holy Spirit gently showed me the intrinsic error in these schools of thought. ”This is Jesus! holy Spirit said. “He does everything well. He knows everything. He can do anything. He does not need a ‘do-over’ in anything!”
He showed me that the restoration of sight to this man actually involved the performing of two miracles, one the more profoundly powerful than the other. He proceeded to show me by elegantly linking these miracles to the first words that He spoke to my heart that evening which were ‘Second sight’.

Let us go back to the story and break down what exactly happened:

Jesus spits on this man’s eyes, and then laid hands on him and asked him what he saw. To which he answered “I see men as trees, walking.” I had previously read this as “I see men walking as trees” (don’t ask me why), which gives a totally different meaning to what was said. As I write these words, the Holy Spirit showed me the symbolism behind the use of spit. Spit is made up of water, which in scripture is symbolic of the Word of God, and digestive enzymes, that initiate the breakdown of carbohydrates, which are the principal source of energy for the body. So symbolically it could be said that Jesus applied a mixture of The Word and that which was able to help break down that word i.e. revelation, to the blind man’s eyes. Now the question is if this was the case that the word mixed with revelation was applied to the men’s eyes, why did he not see perfectly the first time?

Hmm Food for thought… This line of thinking then led to the Holy Spirit asking me this question: “this man saw men, as trees walking. Why as trees? Why not as sticks walking?” He then brought to my remembrance scriptures that made reference to trees.

◄ Psalm 1:1-3►
1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.
3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

◄ Psalms 52:8 ►
But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever.

◄ Romans 11:24 ►
For if you were cut off from what is by nature a wild olive tree, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these who are the natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree?

◄ Matthew 7:17-19 ►
“So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

◄ Revelation 22:2 ►
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

◄ Isaiah 55:12 ►
For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

After reading the Scriptures above, it was like a light bulb came on in my head. Men as trees, walking. Men as trees. Men as trees… Wow!

I discovered through my study of Jewish tradition that trees occupy a special place in Jewish thought. They relate to man’s relationship with the natural environment, our life-support system as it pertains to the quality of his supply to that environment!

When God created the first man, He took him and showed him all the trees of the Garden of Eden. This singling out of the trees of the Garden of Eden, rather than the showcasing of the Garden of Eden itself, may have been meant by God to show man the principal entities which transformed the earth from a barren and lifeless mass into an environment capable of supporting other forms of life such as animals and humans.

Let us note that after God had created the world, His first action was to plant trees, which He did on the third day. Let us also remember Jesus’ words:

◄ John 15:5 ►
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

The blind man saw men as trees. Putting my thoughts and scripture together, I realized that the blind man seeing men as trees was symbolic of the blind man seeing men AS PLANTINGS OF THE LORD through the opening of the eyes of his understanding!

He saw men going about their daily activities in light of the potential that the Lord had planted in them! He saw them first by revelation! This was so exciting to me as I realize that Jesus in the first step performed the most important miracle, which went beyond just the opening of physical eyes – He opened his spiritual eyes! He opened the eyes of his understanding to see men as the planting of the Lord.

Through this miracle, Jesus illustrated that the mere restoration of physical sight would have left the man as spiritually blind as when he first met Jesus. But, our amazing Lord addressed his principal need first before addressing his carnal needs, which was to open the eyes of his understanding.

We see this fervent desire of the Lord expressed in Paul’s prayer in Ephesians chapter 1:

◄ Ephesians 1:15-19 ►
Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints, Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power.

Earlier in Mark chapter 8, we see Jesus speaking to his disciples about the need to be aware of the Pharisees leaven. He admonished them saying, that in seeing they saw not, and in hearing, heard not.

And so I realized that contrary to the thought that Jesus went through a trial and error process to effect the blind man’s healing, He in keeping with His character, addressed the needful thing first. He gave the man ‘Second sight’ i.e. opened the eyes of understanding and revelation, which would enable him, interpret what he saw with his physical eyes through the filter of Spiritual revelation.
I believe that in actuality, THIS was the healing that was cardinal to his destiny!

Jesus knew that if he had only restored his physical sight, this man would have been no better off. This truth we see played out in the verses following, as Peter identified Jesus as The Christ. This same revelation is what Jesus said that he would build his church upon that the gates of hell would not prevail against it!

So why the brouhaha about ‘Second sight’?

We need second sight to see clearly. We need second sight to interpret correctly. We need second sight so that we do not remain ignorant of satan’s devices. We need second sight to appreciate our status in the Kingdom of God.

What Holy Spirit taught me through these verses has completely transformed my thinking and my life, and I share it with you hoping that it’ll do the same for you.

I am learning to ask The Lord for second sight in every situation that I find myself. That I may correctly interpret situations and circumstances so that I also may be able to see ‘MEN AS TREES, WALKING’.

God is so good!

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