One of the hardest things we may have to do in life is to wait:

Wait for our dreams to come true
Wait for the answer to that question
Wait before we answer that question
Wait for justice to take its course
Wait until we have the right words to say
Wait before we react when hurt
Wait for healing to come
Wait to hear the conclusion of a matter
Wait until we have all the information
Wait for God to act on our behalf (this may be the hardest wait)

Waiting in not very popular in this our time and it almost always is portrayed as opportunity lost. But if we want to achieve understanding, wait we must, for the passage of time brings illumination and clarity to all that needs to be seen; to all that is hidden. And in waiting we realize that far from losing our turn or our right to react, we reserve the right, and gain the power of being able to make the choice regarding what we want to say, how we want to act, when the right time is to act, and where exactly we want to go. And we also realize that the opportunity to react which was thought lost, in almost certainty will be redeemed with nothing lost, and wisdom gained. That passage of time may be a minute of silence and contemplation or years of rumination and consideration, but however long we have to wait and however hard as it may be, I pray for strength to wait for, and the wisdom to know – If, what, how, when, and where… Wisdom is the principal thing, and there is no morning cereal labeled ‘Instant Wisdom’.

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