Lump or Life.

When it was time for man to do the work that God had assigned to him, God wanted to make sure that Adam had the appropriate help for what he needed to do on earth – a helpmeet. God brought all the animals before Adam, and though Adam named them and called them what they were, he found no helpmeet among them. This singular act that Adam did, I believe pleased God. because much like The One he had been fashioned after, Adam realized that his helpmeet would have to have the same makeup and the same capabilities as himself to be able to help him fulfill his destiny. He knew he could not find that in any other creature because he looked for souls in those animals, but he did not find any one animal that had a living soul! So God caused Adam to sleep (rest) and then took of out him that which he had infused into his very being – Flesh-forming and soul nourishing components, from which he incubated Woman and brought her to him as helpmeet. I have come to the realization that one of the principal reasons why some marriages fail may be because in looking for a partner, some men, and women vice-versa just look at, and go after ‘formed flesh’ without considering the soul-nourishing component. They go after formed flesh, which may serve as amusement for a while, but ultimately never satisfies. Don’t get me wrong, Flesh is good and without flesh we cannot inhabit the earth, but let us also realize that in the same vein without the breath there is no ability to truly live, love, or receive love to propagate life. This, I believe is the reason Adam said to woman, “this is now flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone…” The flesh we understand, but why the bone? What is the significance of the rib? Well I have heard many a preacher say that God made woman from the rib and not from the foot because she is not to be trampled on, nor the head because she is not to Lord over her man. But I submit that God in His mystically amazing wisdom formed woman from the rib. Marrow rich, lifeblood producing bone that is able to produce cells that are able to not only provide support and protection, but also able to nourish the flesh through the production of life-giving cells which are able to transport life-giving breath to every part of the body. Propagating the perpetuity of life through the same flesh that is nourished by that breath! Take a moment to digest this. It is a mystery.
My illation is this: Man, Woman, in seeking for the one who will make your ‘two’ better than ‘one’ don’t just go for flesh of your flesh only, no matter how fiiiiine or attractive that flesh is. Don’t just go for flesh that has not been enlivened by the lifeblood forming and breath carrying rib, without which that flesh would be just a dead lump of clay useful for nothing but a graveyard!Choose well and if you have chosen, nourish, and allow your flesh to be nourished by your SOUL- mate.

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