Now Faith is…

Faith is a seed planted by God in our hearts. It is, however, only the yielded and fertile heart that can nurture that which has been deposited by faith, unto fruition. Now, what is that which enables the nurturing of that deposit? It is the Word of God (much like the water that was poured into the waterpots at Cana of Galilee poured out to create the right environment for the spoken seed of The Word to be fertilized and germinated; Planted and embedded, go through growth, maturation, harvesting, processing and refinement to result in the finished product. Much like the miracle wine produced at Cana, this process seemingly occurs in a split-second of time. This time observed phenomenon is amazingly quite a correct surmise. Because God IS able to split Chronos time, and morph it in whichever way suits the predetermined purpose, for the fulfillment of Kairos events from out-of-time into time. So what is Faith? It is the intangible, yet present substance of that which is hoped for ( Hope being the focused anticipation of the good yet to come). It is the perceptible evidence of the things not yet seen, translated from the future, based on the foundations laid in the past, into the indefinable present moments called NOW moments. Siphoned through Kairos portals the Power of God by The Spirit infuses eternal based, purpose driven fulfillment of events into time NOW! Without breaking the cadence of the march of time. That which though commonly referred to as a miracle is far from common! It is the Power of God manifested to establish His eternal will and purpose.
Now Faith is… Whatever your ‘IT’ is, align yourself with this eternal God. Then, Wait for ‘IT’, hope for ‘IT’ and ‘IT’ without a doubt will come…


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