I was watching the movie Cinderella, and I suddenly realized that this ‘fairytale’ was actually lifted directly from the Bible! Compare and contrast the stories of Ella and Esther:

1. Once upon a time in a great kingdom, the King needed a queen.

2. A call went out that all the young virgins in the Kingdom should appear before the king, and from amongst them he would choose a bride.

3. Amongst the candidates were two orphans: Bible – Esther, Cinderella – Ella.

4. They both had individuals who were empowered to give them a boost in their preparation which gave them an edge over the other competitors – Bible: The Harem Eunuch, Cinderella: The fairy godmother.

5. Both young ladies obtained favor before their king and Became his queen against all odds.

And they both lived happily ever after – The end.

I guess inspiration does come from The Word… What do you think?

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