The Choicest

Defensiveness is an unwitting vehicle – The expression of subliminal complicity; The tacit if somewhat unintentional, admission of culpability… If you find yourself being on the defensive, you may want to ask yourself a few difficult questions. And, If committed to truth in the inward parts, be willing to answer your conscience truthfully no matter how painfully revealing the process may be…

The Choicest

When things go awry,
Needs must to try.
When there is a breach,
Must be to reach,
Digging deep within,
Without intent to excuse,
Seeking one’s self to recuse,
For no judge competent are we
In ruling of ourselves to stand.

For to be restored,
Needs must allow
The heart to be cradled,
Prodded and examined,
Peradventure there be
A crack to be filled,
A gap to be scaled.
Layers stripped away,
Laid raw and ready.
A wound to be salved;
A hurt to be healed.

Oh, that surely we would–
For then we would have gained
That which sundry seek but few attain:
A resting place.
Contain or display,
Neither the one more important.
The master’s choicest unveiled,
The beauty of a vessel molded
And most excellently reformed.

The Voice of One Woman, Xulon Press, 2012.

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