I long for the simpler yet powerful times

I long for the simpler yet powerful times
When fellowship meant just that – fellowship
I long for the zealous times when all that would occupy my heart the days before a meeting was how God, not I would show up…
Oh, how I long for the uninhibited times when ‘speaking in tongues was not required to be phonetically correct or positionally pretty…

And groaning in the spirit was not the sound one’s stomach made while waiting for the after-service dinner…

I long for the days of the “Revs” (revelations) when everyone and not just the Pastor had something original to say from the throne of grace… God has something to say…

I remember with poignancy the days of the “Love Feasts” when the emphasis was on the love, not the feasting ‘she didn’t bring much and see how much she ate’… My dear, do you know how much she has????

I desire once again the days of the impromptu prayer meetings, (one of such revived my Christian life for good) rather than ‘gossip-fest’ concerts we see so much of today.

And YES I look back on the days of Godly modesty that though extreme, in some of its ways, built the foundation that continues to ground me today. That keeps me from straying all in the name of fashion…

I remember the days when one said ‘God told me…’ , It inspired the beginning of an edifying conversation, rather than gawky incredulity at one’s audacity in uttering those words. After all, you are not a pastor, teacher, evangelist, preacher or prophet are you?

Laying on of hands? What’s that ?? Except that it is forbidden for the laity to do so…

Memorizing and quoting scriptures? Of what use is that when I can kneel before someone who can speak, quote and spit with so much more authority than I…

The rapture? Oh yes !!! Aren’t those the goose bumps that mimic how we will feel just before Jesus comes back again???

For those of us who remember these things, we may laugh, but let us not forget – These are some of the foundations of our faith.

For the ones still practicing these good things, please continue, God sees and knows you all by name.
For those of us who speak of those days, Let us stop speaking and start acting… After all, that chapter in the Bible says ‘The acts” and not the “speeches” of the apostles.

And finally for those of us who have not experienced these blessings, seek and search them out…There is a treasure of greatness in ‘pressing in.’ 

Let us seek for THE LORD, His Word, and His Spirit, and not the words or ways of man, and THE LORD Himself will show up!

I long for the times of power that He promised ALL who believe in Him: The lame walking, the blind seeing. The deaf hearing and the dead being received back by their loved ones unto life… and “YOU shall receive POWER after the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and YOU shall be my witnesses…”

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