Mystique of Woman

The mystique of woman– Oh, where has it gone?
 Lost in a world of
“Bare all” and “Tell all.”
Yet, in puzzlement behold
Woman, prime in her time,
Wholly discovered, cultivated, harvested. 

All revealed; all sold, bartered, and traded. 
Oh, the loss of mystique! 

The loss of womanly appeal its own story tells: 
Man constantly wanting;
Woman forever seeking–
A world of classifieds.

Pursuing the unknown yet familiar, 
Surrendered in narcissistic wonder, 
Their own reflections revered. 
Defiant in their deviance
Against naturality.
Mystique of Woman:
Forever lost? Can we reclaim?

The worth of a vessel should not be measured by that which it displays, but by what it contains.

 The Voice Of One Woman, Xulon Press, 2012.

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