A Benediction of ‘Tudes’

I came across this piece I wrote a while ago and reading through I was struck by how much I wanted these rhymes to be the reason that resonates in my life… I share with you my Benediction of ‘Tudes’….

A Benediction of ‘Tudes’

Lord grant us grace for the expression of fortitude,

Liberate us from the crippling crutch of platitudes.

Endow us with a heart of servitude

Remove the veils of incertitude,

That seeks to cloak our pulchritude.

Lord change our attitude,

Shift the paradigm of our aptitude.

Give us latitude to attain higher altitude,

Create in us a disquietude,

And release us from the status quo of ineptitude.

Birth in us, a passion to affect the lives of multitudes,

With great amplitude,

Raising one and all  – Leaders with rectitude,

Molded with exactitude,

Into the Master’s similitude,

To impact with great magnitude,

Freed from the bondage of finitude…

Into the most desirable of beatitudes:

The state of ultimate plenitude, In Our Lord, The Christ…

Amen and AMEN.


© AdePero Mettabel, 080313.

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