I Am a Woman

I am a woman. Steeped in femininity,
The princess, the pride and joy,
Mark of my Creator’s divinity.

I am a woman.
Strong and sturdy in mind,
Soft and gentle in love,
A succor, my very own’s delight.

I am a woman.
The beauty of my mothers Through me shine.
In the integrity of my fathers,
I walk, indomitably tall.

I am a woman,
Indefinable, intriguingly complex,
My robe, my covering,
My glory, my wealth,
Draped around my elegant form.

Times have changed;
History’s been made,
But neither pathos nor tragedy,
Poverty or wealth,
Oppression to emancipation
Can and will ever alter the fact

That. . .

The Voice of One Woman, Xulon Press 2012.
If you agree post a picture of yourself in the comment section, wonderfully and fearfully made woman that you are… And please share to affirm all the special women that you know…

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