The Queen of Hearts

Allow me to share with you, a poem that I wrote about one who lives her life on her own terms but leaves in her wake a trail of brokenness, and the broken. It expounds on how she came to be the way she was and culminates with her finding herself in another greater than her. The poem with few words attempts to chronicle her journey from the one who hurts because she herself has been hurt, to the one who is healed by he to whom she lashes out to through her pain… Immerse yourself.

The Queen of Hearts

Her paths are lined with broken pieces,
Dashed through disappointments
Disdained and decimated
Dastardly determined to destroy
Through deliberately designed
Deadly distortions

Who is she? SHE is The Queen of Hearts

Her beginning not so brutal
Born beautiful, beatifically blessed
But, beaten and blighted,
Bruised by brazen bullets
Bounteous became barren, and barren bare
Bearing nothing, boldly breaking

Who is she? Who is she? SHE is The Queen of Hearts

Clashing catharsis, Cleansing collision,
Colliding compassion, compulsive coercion,
Celestial Clarion The Christ, calling
Charis clamoring, creating covenanting
Chiasms crossed over
Chariot over cobblestoned conscience…

Who is He? Who IS He… HE IS The Heart – King of the Queen… Selah

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