Time… A phenomenal entity, worthy of emulation…
It marches relentlessly, defining seasons, undaunted by disappointment, failure, mourning, joy, celebration and or victory.
It is relentless in its’ pursuit of the future and in its’ determination to shed the past almost as soon as it occurs, yet maximizes every tick of the tock… Time passes, yet no one other than the One who created it… passes it.
It has many forms of expression, but itself remains constant – Always to itself true…
It is elusive, yet too obvious to ignore; Creates shadows, yet heralds light.
It may seem to stand still appearing to accomplish nothing but the stretching of its’ passing, but may in actuality represent the winning of the race of a lifetime!
But, even more so to be emulated and sought after is the one who created it in its own time, for as sure as its beginning was, its end shall be, liberated into eternity, by He who said let there be, and it was  – The end of time before it all began…
© AdePero Mettabel, September 2014.

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