I’m blessed and highly favored!

Sometimes favor may not at all look like favor… Favor may sometimes paradoxically seem like a nightmare of epic proportions! Picture this: A young girl is engaged to be married. She is going about quietly minding her business. Something happens, and this young lady suddenly has to tell her fiancé a stupendous story… I put myself in her shoes and I am sure I would be freaking out and asking myself is this what favor looks like?
I am a person of integrity
I see a vision (or hallucination some may say)
I make an unbelievably grandiose claim and state that I have been singled out for favor???
Favor brings to mind a picture of honor, riches, joy, plenty and abundance, not disgrace, scorn, pity and derision… Or does it? Hmm…
As you may have guessed, this is Mary’s story and though we highly esteem her today, Her path must have been a pretty hard and rough one in the beginning, but God stood by His Word to her and Jesus Christ rose from the dead! So when we ask for God’s favor on our lives we must ask ask ourselves “Can I really handle God’s favor?”, “can I really stand firm believing ALL that He has told me risking public scorn and disgrace?”
Hmmm how are you my brother/sister? Oh! I’m blessed and highly favored… Selah.

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