A child is not he who is merely born…

A child is not he who is merely born, but is he who indeed is birthed.

Being born is of an action, but the progression of birth is a process that spans the life breadth of conception, implantation, nesting, nurturing, protection, nourishing, growth and differentiation, preparation and equipping for the journey ahead.

Birth – Glimpse of the future filtered through the past, unsurpassed in its’ simplicity, yet compositely complex.

From Braxton Hicks to first twinge; Low backache to body clenching uterine spasms made only slightly more bearable variously outsourced through whimpers to screams not so silent…

Waters broken, passage constrained, resultantly bursting forth emitting and emoting, Pneuma! Imparted inspiration!!

Sleepless nights, midnight feeds, diaper changes, stinky poo…

Falling in love, loving to fall; first grazed knees, second witness to kiss stolen on darkened porch…

KG, HS, summa cum laude, ALL noteworthy in the Symphony of life’s beats.

Hanging on, letting go, dreams fulfilled, visions deferred… Sobs and laughter, disappointments and appointments all swaddled tight in pure and unconditional love.

To describe entry into this realm as merely being born would be to commonize the most awe-inspiring of God given impartations – the ability to reproduce after one’s kind… For a child is not merely he who is born into the world, but is of certainty he who is birthed into his destiny – I was birthed…

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