‘Three’ With The ‘Fourth’; ‘Fourth’ With The ‘Three’

Can you see them?
There! Right in the midst of the flames.
Cast in by men who never lived to tell the tale,
Burnt to ashes even as they rained curses
Damning the condemned.
As they, the not condemned, were damned.
Their master must, they had to obey
This command they could not deny:

The three displaced in body, not in soul,
The names conferred – ** Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
In aim to basterdize, demean, destroy.
Total annihilation of every vestige of faith,
Every remnant of hope,
But ** Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, stood strong,
Together the three as one,
Refusing to bow.

Securely bound, summarily shackled,
No means of escape (or was so thought).
Sundry eyes fixed on the gruesome sight
Pathos, tragedy and desolation,
Surely brought on by the very obedience
That compelled their souls.
The ones who succumbed standing by
By horror transfixed,
But still THEY refused to bow.

Freedom had Jehovah promised,
Heart, soul, body and mind.
Reverse divinity, through heavenly trinity
Of the tribe of Judah,
** Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah – The three
Roaring Lion of the tribe of Judah arising,
Father, Spirit, The Son in the “Fourth” man
The Divine in liberty, with flesh in captivity
Liberated from the scourge of fire in Serenity

Can you see them shackles broken!
Now they walk free!
In the midst of the fire,
Through mystical conversation;
Holy communion, conferred through covenant.
Chaldean circumcision their hearts had rejected
Which by carnal satisfaction,
Would have, their souls bound in captivity.
But by circumcision of fleshly hearts, their spirits soar…
Freed… Their bonds broken,
Passivity violently rejected.

In the carnal fire, present HE is
So even as set to be consumed,
We are not ignited.
By HIS Spirit’s fire lifted we are,
Ignited with passion, but certainly not consumed!
The ONE corporeally with the three
In the physical fire,
The three intangibly with The “Three in One”
Through Spiritual fire.
Our “three” with the “Fourth”,
The “Fourth” with our “three”.

When all else becomes ashes,
To His own He gives beauty.
And where bodies would have laid anointed with oil for burial,
The cruz of oil now flows continually to sustain LIFE!
Instead of emptiness filling dried skeleton and skull
Fullness of the Godhead bodily dwelling in living souls!
That the fire from without not devour,
As the fire from within, baptizes to empower;
The fourth walking freely with the three,
The three, set free in the fourth.

Now The Lord is that Spirit,
And where HE is, there is liberty.
That we, when stumped by limitation,
Bound by time and physicality, turn to The Lord,
He sweeps away the veil between time and eternity.
That we, who are in the fire without,
Are liberated into the hope of glory,
By the fire burning within,
From ‘Outside of time’ into time,
LIFE UNTO LIFE  eternal!


 ** Etymology of the names:

    Hananiah means “God who is gracious” – God’s grace – CHRIST
    Misha’el means “Who is like God?”, – GOD THE FATHER

    Azariah means “God has helped” – God’s help – THE SPIRIT

possibly is derived from Shudur Aku “Command of the moon god” – Contrast COMMAND to GRACE

    Meshach is probably a variation of Mi•sha•aku, meaning “Who is what Aku is?”, and may have been an alteration of his Hebrew name Mishael – Contrast IDOL to LIVING GOD!

    Abednego is either a corrupted or deliberate use of Abednebo, “servant of Nebo/Nabu,” or Abednergo, a variation of Abednergal, “servant of the god Nergal – Contrast SERVANT to HELPER

THIS IS WHAT THE “THREE”(Father, Son and Holy Ghost) IN THE FOURTH MAN HAS BROUGHT: BY THE “FOURTH”(Jesus) in our “THREE” – Body: Liberated by walking with the “Fourth man”,  Mind: Set free by talking with the “Fourth man”, and Spirit: Ignited but not consumed by the fire of “Fourth man” – Halleluyah for Pentecost!

© AdePero Mettabel, November 22, 2012.

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