Lord please help our generation of believers to realize and walk in the realization that salvation comes only through meeting Jesus and following Him and not through going to church and following the traditions of singing, liturgy and congregation membership… It used to be that people asked if you had accepted Jesus to be your Lord and savior, now it’s about which ‘church’ you attend…. Witnessing used to be everyone’s commission (Oh the days of bus preaching…) now it’s about inviting people to ‘church’ by handing out cute invitation cards to come in on Sunday, so that they can get to hear the ‘powerful’ preacher and the Goosebumps inducing songs and confusing tongues, it’s now more of a “come so that we can solve your problems”, rather than “come so that you can get to know God and cause problems for the devil”… My fellow BELIEVERS it is time to retrace the ancient landmarks, where the ultimate was getting to know Jehovah, and not getting ‘plugged in’ to a local assembly line of parrotters… WE are THE CHURCH! We are His body, WE ALL have been called to go into the world to preach THE GOSPEL, not (I will shock you now) to feed the poor, or build church buildings, but to HEAL THE SICK, RAISE THE DEAD AND PREACH “The Kingdom of God is at hand!” but friend to do this you must first ask? What is the Kingdom of God for he who does not know and fully understand what he believes, how can he show and tell of it to another… Hmmm Food for thought this weekend as we retire from the workweek to rest… God bless us all! And for you out there who do not know Jesus or know of His Kingdom, I invite you today to come know the eternal King who left His eternal Kingdom because of His love for mankind, so that through believing and having a personal relationship with Him we can come into HIS ETERNAL Kingdom and thus not perish as all things in this present world will, but have ETERNAL LIFE, qualitatively and quantitatively… He came that we may have LIFE and that more abundantly!
THIS is the heartbeat of my God!

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