I have been feeling burdened, scared for no great reason, saddened and unsettled… Initially I thought that it was a all because of some dealings that I was going through, but today The Lord spoke to my heart, letting me understand that my feelings are not all about me; That somewhere out there right now there are two hundred plus girls and many more unnamed and unseen, who are also feeling burdened, scared, saddened, unsettled. Who are hurting not for things they have done, but for things done to them… I realize that know them or not, I share there their burden, I share their pain, I share their hurt… But as I also look up to Jehovah Jireh – The Lord who has seen, my assurance and hope is that I will also share in their joy, their freedom and their victory as The Lord rises, mighty in battle, to recover ALL that was stolen… IBelieve!!!

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