I walked into this place… It was large and there was music in the air. People seemed to be connected, but strangely separate and in their own private world, with their own personal person in their own personal space. Eyes meeting; smiles breaking off, floating towards their target, to find expression on another’s face. 

There was something very different about this room… EVERYTHING was different in this place… Dwelling filled with activity, yet deep silence prevailed, exuberant yet reverent, very ordinary in a paradoxically exotic way, and amazing in an altogether natural way… Heartfelt tears flowed only to start up again, melody’s envelope, could this be heaven?

Robust bellies laugh; content to let it all out, but voices in muffled murmurs woven within strident outcalls, all brilliantly blended – the rainbow of the soul. The bass of the cello, poignant tones of the oboe in bright versatility, powerful progression of musical scales and tones.

There is no visible leader, but the voice of authority called out, no obvious order of happenings, yet in its own time, each tome appeared. Man spoke, but the Voice of God echoed and reverberated in each and every one heart… Sorrow turned to joy, Discouragement to hope, humility birthed out of the death of haughtiness, behold a dearth of self and plethora of love…

Hearts renewed, spirits revived, Light into darkness, let there be and there was… Is from was, to be as a result of is, but all in all to fulfill what had been… The mystery of moments unfettered by the movement of quartz… Finally, the calm, Peace be still, Life come forth, “who touched me?” No shame, BethEl not Bethesda, stand not wait upon, For He is everywhere – The Voice, The Breath, The Power, The Fire…

This was the place I was to be; The place I longed to be – This, the presence of God…


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