A Moment in Time.

I say a prayer inside my heart,
Nary a thought, an answer soon to come.
In astonishment, a moment in time,
My heart’s desire fulfilled.
Through a mouth, not my own,
Heart to mouth, through a path walked by grace,

To prove to me that I am heard,
And that no thought is unknown to Him.

Actualization translated from dreams,
Played my principal, on the stage of the heart.
Open and naked all things He beholds,
Vision to life, by His breath infused,

To prove to me He sees and knows,
The center of me, the core, the source.

I stand in awe, in stillness, in hope,
Knowing that from heart to mouth He’ll speak,
From thought to deed, He’ll do.
The mystery of faith: His Word He will not break,

Time through time,
Till eternity unfolds…

© Mettabel Okulaja, The Voice of One Woman, Xulon press, 2012.

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