Just saying…

Peoplehave said thatPeter sacrificed a lot to follow Jesus; I say he would have sacrificeda lot not to have followed Jesus…
Picture this: A poor fisherman toiling all dayand all nightand I daresay most of his life, catching, not a thing, meeting a manwho at his command, caused him to haul in a boat sinking, net breaking catch of fish, (enough not only to feed his familybut lay up provisionfor the futureAND pay off all his debt) whoalso said “This is nothing; not only will you catch fish, but you will catch men“… He now said to havemade a sacrifice to follow Jesus?
It‘s like saying you metJesus today, you who had beendabbling in the stock market with nothing but losses, and he saysto you invest in so and so stock, you doand the nextday that particularstock went upto the point that you mademillions and millions of dollars… Would not this constitute a similar scenario? And would it be a sacrifice to follow Jesus in such a situation? No, I think not… Nooooo it would be a privilege, And an amazing opportunity not to be passed up, right?
Picture it… … andfollow Jesus…Your life will be transformedbeyond all that you have, andcould ever imagine!
Just saying…

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