I went into a store the other day to purchase a portable laptop stand. The item was not on sale and because I really needed it, I decided to purchase it anyway. On my way to the checkout counter, I saw the manager walking towards me and the Holy Ghost whispered in my ear “Ask him for a discount”. In the past I would’ve questioned what He said, but I have learned to instantly obey, i.e. IO the Holy Spirit. So I said to the manager “hello I’d like to buy this item, and I’d like a discount”. When he did not immediately laugh at me, I knew that the Holy Ghost was at work. He went over to where the item was, scanned it, looked at me and said “okay how about 20% off”. I said very quickly “I’ll take it!” So I ended up with an item At ‘Holy Ghost’ sale price even when there was absolutely no sale going on in the store!
Jesus said In Matthew 7:7 and also in Luke 11:9, “ask and you shall be given seek and you shall find knock and the door shall be opened unto you” I asked at the prompting of the Holy Ghost, and it was given on to me! Thank you Lord!
And so this week I’d like to encourage you keep your ears and your eyes open for the direction of the Holy Spirit. He just might have a MAJOR discount out there for you, He just might have a HUGE blessing out there for you, He just have might have ABUNDANT rain waiting to shower its blessings on you!!!
Happy Monday y’all and God bless you!!!

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