‘BEAUTY-FULL’ by Mo Sweetness Rita Akuagwu

I woke up this morning contemplating the grace of God that helps me get through each day. On many days like this, I say a prayer and conclude that I am going to overcome EVERYTHING and EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE that comes my way during the day in the most gracious way possible.

But somewhere between when my feet hits the ground and when I take my first step, I realize that my best intentions for the day will be challenged, as it is daily, and that “Godzilla” may emerge from the recesses of my flesh, sometimes, before I am even aware. I do not know about you but this is my natural inclination BUT for the grace of God.

So this morning I looked at myself in the mirror and concluded:

I am NOT naturally “beauty-full”!

I need the grace of God every day, every minute and in every way possible to be presentable to the world.

It is my prayer that this realization will help me catch myself throughout the day to hold on to God’s grace rather than my personal effort which only feeds my natural state even more.

Me in my natural state?
That’s quite a sight!
I am not naturally pleasant or kind
In fact at my best, I can be downright cruel
I am not naturally loving or forgiving
In fact, I can be vengeful so impressively
I do not naturally think the best of others
In fact, consider yourself guilty, why play nice?
I am not naturally loving or gentle,
I’ll take a good fight any day, you name the time…
And as for hoping for the best?
Leave me to my own devices and I expect the worst
I am not naturally patient or trusting or endearing
In my natural state?
I am quite a sight!

Fully made up?
Now that’s a sight!
My speech is seasoned with grace
like lipstick in fuchsia’s gloss
my eyes glitter with kindness
like silver and blue shadows
those wrinkles of un-forgiveness
are faded beneath my powdered foundation
My eyes are outlined to see only beauty in others
My cheeks blush rosy red
In a subtle hue
like the grace He shed
I must confess,
Fully made up?

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