I find, Everything…

I find, Everything…
Everything I need is in You
I know the very thing I’ll find in You
So in everything I turn to You
All of my strength infused through You
To live my life as you have planned
Everything must be in You
Yes, You’re the very breath I take
I live, in You, I move in you
In You I truly have my being
You are the lover of my soul
The great desire of my life
Fill me with peace that never ends
With your whispered words inside my soul
In all my life journeys, my ups and downs
Through all of these come to realize
That never can I recognize
Much more less realize
All that I have to visualize
Except I see my world, my dreams
Through the silkscreen of your loving eyes
Everything I am is in You
My deepest depths I find in You
All my seeking, searching ways
Always bring me back You
So in everything I turn to You
With all my strength I run to you
‘Cause everything, Everything,  EVERYTHING I have is You
© AdePero Mettabel, 091513.

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