Ode of The Quickened Soul…

My heart yearns to impart the difference it’s known
Passion burns to boldly speak truth, unto life
Declaring unashamedly with love, without apology,
That… The will of He who created to will, be done,
Fulfilled by those who follow on to do.

My mind the answer seeks to find,
The secret, the times, from His realm to mine,
The unseen to the seen,
Unknown to the known
Holiest of the holy, Revelation unveiled,

My body I then lay down, sacrificed flesh to die,
That in Him the fullness of life rebirthed,
As foreknown, foreordained and predestined to be,
Excellency of Power, majesty and might,
Translated through this receptacle
Of wretched clay that I am

Oh make me and mold me,
Prune me and groom me.
Purify me and cleanse me,
Rain on me, shine on me,
Dew of Hermon tenderizing
All the ‘tough’ within
Till heart, mind, soul now yours alone
Bonded, malleable
Tender As putty, the clay in the Potter’s hand

Oh that my eyes would see,
And that my ears would hear,
The voice of The Son’s Spirit
Bidding His Bride – Come away with me…
Oh that I may know as I am known
That I may see as I am seen

For to this have I been called
And to this my soul compelled
The fount of joy
The breath of life
The IAM that I AM in me as I am
In Spirit and in Truth,
Oh ABBA I come! I come!!

© AdePero Mettabel, 080213.

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