Mary, Mary quite contrary; How do your lashes grow?

I was in the bathroom applying mascara to my eyelashes, when I suddenly realized how much they’d grown! I was ecstatic!! What gave rise to my seemingly mindless and joyful calisthenics was the fact that I actually had luscious and long lashes, which, I could not have boasted of a year ago. Now this is a marvelous thing I know, especially for those of us who wear makeup and for those of us who know how extremely frustrating it can be to apply the false eyelashes that make eyes look so mysterious :-), especially if you have also had a run-in with the inventions from the pit of hell called eyelash extensions (don’t ask me how I know). Where am I going with this? because you know there must be some highly spiritual reason why I am talking about mascara on Facebook. Right you are if you thought so, because this immediately brought to my mind of Scripture from Galatians chapter 5 which says ‘… be not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap’. Now what does this have to do with mascara and lashes? I’ll tell you: A few months ago I had an unfortunate experience with false eyelashes, which, I had a beautician apply for a special event. The process involved the gluing of small individual hairs to the base of each lash. The individual lashes theoretically would then grow naturally with the real ones, and then fall off over the course of about 3 to 4 weeks with one having the choice to maintain application of lashes or to just let it lapse. Being the somewhat inpatient individual that I am, I proceeded to try to remove false lashes myself when the lashes started appearing somewhat lopsided,  which regrettably resulted in my becoming lash-less!!! A horrific state which I had to endure for about 2 to 3 weeks with me praying frantically and desperately that my eyelashes would grow back. Thankfully they did, and I vowed never to do such a thing again. From that day onwards, I viewed my natural given eyelashes through different eyes (pardon the pun). I decided that from then on other than the application of mascara I will be thankful and content with the lashes I had been blessed with. I started using gentler products on my eyes, and a contraption known as vibrating mascara application stick. After a few weeks, I noticed that my eyelashes were becoming thicker and fuller and continued to do so as I suddenly realized this evening. This taught me two valuable lessons:

1. Whatever I pay attention to whatever and I stimulate in any way, will grow i.e. if I pay attention to love, joy, peace, and stimulate long-suffering, temperance, and brotherly kindness in my life, THEY will grow. On the contrary, if I pay attention to whatever or whoever has hurt me, disappointed me, failed me, and if I stimulate hatred, bitterness, and anger in my life, THESE TOO WILL GROW!

2. The second lesson I learned from this experience is that I cannot fake what is not there, otherwise the strain of maintaining status quo will pull at my emotions and peace of mind much like the fake lashes pulled on my natural ones, so all I’m left with are at best tattered emotions and at worst, an emotional barren wasteland.

Some will read this piece and say: but that’s a bit of an extreme inference based on an activity as frivolous as the application of mascara! But I submit to you that I have found great value in allowing the Holy Spirit to use such frivolity to deposit in me wisdom, and to build in me depth of character. As He  rightly said in his Word, He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I loved writing it.

Peace, and may your lashes continue to grow and prosper!!!

PS Since then I have used and still occasionally use the temporary and EASILY removable ones for that WOW!!! effect :-)…

  OluPero Mettabel, August 28th 2012.


My luscious God-given lashes!

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