Celebrate Jesus; Celebrate !!! Ba ba ba ba ba ba bum!!!

You cannot be fully celebrated, until you fully imbibe the culture of celebrating others, and good things that they have, or have done…

Because when God blesses a person, and you celebrate them, you are saying that you believe that it is God who has blessed them and that thing or trait is an achievable possibility and are thus planting seeds of belief and possibility in your own heart. But if you do not, or refuse to celebrate another, what you are actually saying is that you DO NOT truly believe that it was the Lord who blessed them, and you do not see that thing or trait as an achievable possibility in your life, thus planting seeds of doubt and impossibility in your own heart! 

And if you’re wondering why nothing good is coming up as a harvest for you, maybe you just need to change the type of seed you’re sowing…

And do you know why we can receive from God? It’s because we celebrate Him!

… Be not mocked whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap! – Book o’Galatians.

© OluPero Mettabel, August 7, 2012

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