Of The Old and The New…

Hello everyone,
It’s “Me” wishing you happy new month! 
This year is going by so fast that it’s almost dizzying! I’m actually right now trying out a software, that’s translating my spoken words into text. I had bought the software a few months ago, and had given up on ever being able to use it because it would not recognize my accent… Imagine that! My initial introduction to the software was singularly humbling because I felt that my diction was pretty decent but alas, after the umpteenth try I gave up frustrated, and a little ticked off. I forgot about the software for about four months, but yesterday out of the blue, I decided to give it another try. I downloaded it again from the App Store and went through the training trepidatiously. This time, however, things seemed to go a little bit smoother, which made me feel a little bit more optimistic about how things would turn out. After the training process, I started dictating and lo and behold it actually recognized the majority of my words! Except that just now, when I dictated ‘words’, it inserted the word brides – Freudian slip? Maybe we’ll see 🙂 … 

What I am trying to say right now is that something that I had given up on and considered a total waste of my time, money, and effort is actually now doing quite well on the usefulness scale!
 Why am I telling you about all this? Well, this is a new month, and I’m sure you like I, have had many things that we tried earlier in the year that just didn’t work out the way we expected them to. Maybe you shouldn’t just give up on that project just yet, maybe you should give it another try, maybe this time it just might work. I realized, and I’m realizing that as the book of Ecclesiastes says: There is a time for everything, and a purpose to every season under the sun. 

So the fact that whatever project  or thing that you had laid your hands on in the past did not turn out the way you expected it to should not discourage you from trying it again if you feel particularly strongly about it, or you can’t seem to forget about it… You may just have tried it out of sync with its time and purpose. So… remember that forgotten project? discarded dream? “set aside” vision? maybe just now ready to be resurrected. The fact that this note exists is proof of what I’m saying. 
This month, reflect, think back, dig deep, let your creative juices start flowing. You may just start loving Piña Coladas! Again happy new month to you all from “Me”.


PS this time, I finished dictating this note without wanting to hit something or someone – namely the developer (Sorry Lord) :-)… Have a terrific day y’all. 


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