Think you missed the beat?

I am one who has to work hard at not being overly self critical. I can often be found tying myself to a whipping post for a good round of self-flagellation regarding some misstep, misdeed or mis-whateva that I have committed… oh I forgot “mis-spokeness”. Anyone been there? lol… Anyway, recently the Lord has lovingly been letting me see that the missteps to the beat of life that I have often thought spoiled the dance routine, may actually be a “ball-point” catch in the dance routine, and even if it is not so you just have to keep a smile on your face and keep on dancin’ cos at the end of the dance, you just might be surprised to find yourself at the receiving end of a standing ovation…

This is what the Lord spoke to my heart:

‘Don’t get discouraged and stop dancing because you missed a beat, cos your perceived misstep just might be part of the beat, the unexpected foot work that catches the attention and makes one go – Wow!’… So keep on dancing!
But remember you must keep listening…

OluPero Mettabel, 07/26/12

Peace and love to you from my heart,

Comments anyone?

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